As of March 1, 2020 we will no longer have our website – please go to our Facebook page for updates and information!

S.A.F.E. is an alliance of businesses that have joined together to bring you important information about health care decisions and senior services available.  We are a collaboration of several organizations dedicated to arming you with the best information to make educated choices and relieve the stress often times associated with those decisions.

Speaking To Groups About Aging

Our members are dedicated to bringing the most up-to-date and helpful information to your and your family. We are frequently asked to speak in the community regarding a number of aging related topics, including: Overview: Importance of planning ahead, 40/70 Rule: Bridging the gap between adult children and their senior loved one, Falls: knowing the risks and prevention tips, and more…

Support for Families and Employers

We are here for YOU. Our organizations have united in order to bring information to those who are in need. Please feel free to look over the information in this site, attend one of our scheduled educational programs or be a part of our Optimal Aging Event.

S.A.F.E. Video